Liddell Couture 3 Linenbacked and Restored (002A)

Before & After Comparison (002A)

Was given this poster to “experiment” on as I trudge my way through learning this art pretty much on my own.


Pre-Backed Condition:The poster had multiple small tears, large pin holes and previous image wash from using “goo be gone”.  I removed all excess tape residue and sanded the back side at these locations for better adhering ability.

Pre-Backed Condition (002A)

Washing:  Unfortunately when I began to wash this poster it start de-laminating and approximately 20 to 30 small fluid pockets appeared. I then stop washing, did a quick rinse and proceeded to break each bubble with an exacto knife causing some additional damage. One of the tears also extended as we were working to fix the de-lamination. We mounted it and let it sit and began work to restore the image for presentation.

Restoration: I did small paper fills and “in-painted” areas that need it.  Also touched up the folds.

Post Restoration:  The poster presents well but there is evidence of restoration work upon inspection.  This poster should frame well.

Post Restoration (002A)

 Pulpfixin Out!



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