One Million Year B.C. Daybill Linenbacked (003A)

Matt from sent me this daybill to practice my new found linenbacking skills.  I called it a haircut from a beauty college; since it was free…

Pre-Backed Condition: Poster arrived rolled and upon inspection was in fine condition with minimal flaws outside of typical daybill printing (see Figure 1 and Figure 2).  The front of the poster had strong vibrant colors; there were no injuries to the surface such as creases folds or otherwise.  The back side of the poster did show minimal dirt or other build up where the poster had been folded.  The striations of the dirt were in 30 degree ticks from vertical (in opposite directions when comparing the top and bottom folds) approximately ¼” in length.

Figure 1 - Pre-Backed Condition Front


Figure 1 - Pre-Backed Condition Front

During Conservation: This poster was washed with a mild organic soap.  The soap was sprayed onto both sides of the poster and was manipulated into the poster by gently rubbing the poster down while in between two mylar sheets.  No significant dirt or grime was noticeable.  The poster was then rinsed three times. Due to the fine condition of this poster no significant de-acidification treatment was applied.  A final distilled water wash was completed prior to applying a buffered wheat paste adhesive which also assist in conservation efforts as the CaCO3 in the wheat paste can surround acid molecules and protect the poster from further deterioration.

During Backing:  Charlie utilized a CaCO3 buffered wheat paste solution to mount the poster Japanese masa paper that was mounted to raw 12 ounce cotton canvas immediately before. Once the poster was placed on the masa, the poster was inspected for air bubbles and/or large bumps from wheat paste that may have slipped through the strainer; none were observed and this poster backed very nicely (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Just Backed

Restoration: No restoration was performed.

Post Work:  The poster backed very nicely.

Figure 4 - Linenbacked

Check out the full report here.

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