Mel’s Girls….

So on the second day of my ‘stay’-cation I back three of buddy Mel’s one sheets…  Little did I know the surprises waiting for me…

First up:

Voodoo Woman US One Sheet from 1957.

Voodoo Woman is a 50’s horror movie directed by Edward Cahn and stars Marla English, Mike Connors, Tom Conway, and Mary Ellen Kay.  Basically, there is this ‘mad scientist’ trying to use voodoo and elixirs to create some super woman in the jungle (I guess because the jungle helps the Voodoo?).  Anyway, Marla and Mike’s characters are looking for gold in the same jungle and wouldn’t you know it the mad scientists stuff just won’t work on tribal women… So you guessed it, use a blonde!  And it worked!  Kind of.. She escapes the manifestation and then it is all about escaping the jungle…

Before Pics:

Voodoo Woman (1957) Before

Voodoo Woman (1957) Before – Reverse

If you study the two before pics the poster looks innocent enough; simple backing job right? Well upon closer inspection, some dummy put about twenty slivers of clear scotch tape on tears etc… Oh Fun!

One and a half hour later….

Big Pile of Tape

Now that is great but as always with tape, and I would say I did a rather good job of removing it, the poster just doesn’t look the same:

But that, too, is ok, because I have this great paper fill paste now and an airbrush!

Here she is backed and ready for resto:


Now on the the second one:

The Big Heat US One Sheet – A 1953 Noir Film

The Big Heat, a noir film directed by the great Fritz Lang, stars Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, and Lee Marvin (the little guy).  Basically, a cop’s ‘sweety’ gets murdered and he decides to take on the mob…  In the middle is a bunch of hub-bub, he resigns etc…  But in the end, the bad guys go to jail and he is a reinstated.


The Big Heat (1953) Before

The Big Heat (1953) Before – Reverse

Now I expected this one to be a pain, easily seeing the tape on the back.  But since they were large pieces, it was only 15 minutes before she was ready for a wash…

Tape Removed

But like before the tape took it’s toll.

This poster also has a large piece missing at the top right that I will have to find a suitable paper for and plenty of small fill work.  Here it is ready for more:

The Big Heat (1953) Freshly Backed


Blond Ice US One Sheet – A 1948 femme fatale…

Blonde Ice is a 1940’s femme fatale directed by Jack Bernhard, starring Robert Paige and Leslie Brooks. This gal marries rich and then mysteriously the husband die off (oh wow; I wonder…). Now the coppers on on to her, so what to do?  Let’s frame the boyfriend!


Blonde Ice (1948) Before

Blonde Ice (1948) Before – Reverse

Thankfully, no fireworks to show you on this on.  It was in relatively great shape with some separation on the folds…  These folds did further separate during the washing but were easily pushed back into place during the backing process.  Nothing but a ‘freshly backed’ photo to show you here:

Blonde Ice (1948) Freshly Backed

A fun second day to my ‘stay’-cation adventure.  This morning was crazy sock day for ‘My Girl’, here with Mel’s…

My Girl!

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