Well you are probably wondering what this “pulpfixin” business is all about. You are probably wondering who I am and what is my motivation behind this site…

Well first I am a movie poster collector.  I have been collecting since the late 1990s and have close to 2,000 movie posters in my personal collection.  I always found linenbacking fascinating and after having one of my posters backed, and it just being a plain terrible experience, I decided I was done with backing.  I flirted with doing another one but the twinkle that I could do it myself continued to grow.  And so after studying up on the art I, one day, came to the conclusion that I could just do it myself…  So I studied and gathered information for the better part of 4 months before taking the plunge in April of 2012.  I am also an active member of www.allposterforum.com and have documented my decent into this madness there as well.


I have been currently doing some posters for APF members but I don’t truly have any intention of making this a full time venture… My wife and I have been enjoying doing a few posters a week and at our leisure.  And as Dario (from Vintage Movie Art) once eluded about this business, I don’t want to be found at the bottom of a creek bed wrapped in 12 ounce canvas. I guess the competition is pretty stiff.

So why?  Because it is quite fun.  I love a challenge and why not document and share.  This is quite an artistic endeavor and I have always taken pride in what I do and this site is just another example of that.

If you have any more questions e-mail them on or check my FAQ.


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