008A – Lost Boys British Quad

Another that Roma and I finished off a while back.  This one was in rough shape.  Someone had put duck tape on the back side and there were multiple tears etc. throughout the poster.


008A - Lost Boys British Quad (Pre-Restoration)

During the process which was quite intensive I sanded/and skinned the duct tape and residue off the back side of the poster.  I then deacidified, washed, bleached, and backed the poster.  The touch up was very experimental for me again using the airbursh.  There were several stains that had hardened and become permanent on Kiefer’s head that I were able to mask with the airbrush.  Roma did a wonderful job of matching the colors and we tackled Star’s head as well…


008A - Lost Boys British Quad (Post Restoration)

Nightmare on Elm Street British Quad (005A) Backed and Touched-up…


Dave from allposterforum.com sent me this NOES quad to practice my new found linenbacking skills.  He must have a double to put such an awesome poster in my hands…

Before & After Comparison (005A)

Pre-Backed Condition: Poster arrived rolled and folded (the old “rolded” poster).  Upon inspection was in good to very good condition with slightly more that typical fold wear for a theater used poster of this age.  There were multiple areas of non-machine folded creases and a “Y” crease where the poster was folded aggressively and the corner trapped inward and folded that way.  The front of the poster had very nice colors.  There were no tears, but there was a ding in Freddy’s hat. The back side of the poster did show minimal dirt or other build up where the poster had been folded, as well as two stains near the area of Freddie’s hat.  There was writing that was removed with eraser. I did not take a picture of the back side of the poster; oops.

Prior to Backing (005A)

During Conservation: This poster was washed with a mild organic soap.  The soap was sprayed onto both sides of the poster and was manipulated into the poster by gently rubbing the poster down while in between two mylar sheets.  Some dirt was noticeable when rinsing.  The poster was rinsed more than three times. A very diluted mixture of Chloramine-T was applied to the back only in the area of the stain.  It worked to some extent, lessening the stain; it became undetectable from the front of the poster.  The poster was washed multiple times at a very high volume of water for approximately 10 minutes.  Chloramine-T does not leave the poster very easily.  A mixture of CaCO3 was applied and the poster left to soak for ~20 minutes.  A final distilled water wash was completed prior to applying a buffered wheat paste adhesive which also assist in conservation efforts as the CaCO3 in the wheat paste can surround acid molecules and protect the poster from further deterioration. The poster did not smell of Chloramine-T prior to application to the masa.

During Backing:  Charlie utilized a CaCO3 buffered wheat paste solution to mount the poster Japanese masa paper that was mounted to raw 12 ounce cotton canvas immediately before. Once the poster was placed on the masa, the poster was inspected for air bubbles and/or large bumps from wheat paste that may have slipped through the strainer; none were observed and this poster backed very nicely.

Just Backed (005A)

Restoration:  I snapped some pics while we were working on the touch-ups that illustrate the challenged faced to make this poster shine… We used water soluble wax based pastel sticks to do the touch-ups as well as gauche water colors for the lettering areas.  The water soluble medium actually polished when buffed with a cotton ball and worked quite well…  Update: Due to the possibility of “wax bloom” this poster was sprayed with Krylon Workable Fixative (Matte Finish) to “fix” the medium.

1. In Progress (005A)


2. In Progress (005A)


3. In Progress (005A)

4. In Progress (005A)

5. In Progress (005A)

Results:  The poster turned out better than expected.  The face area of the poster was extremely difficult and took some creative application and polishing techniques to blend multiple colors to get the right look.

All Done! (005A)

Nightmare on Elm Street British Quad After Backing and Touchups (005A)


 Pulpfixin Out!